A Love for the Sea

I love the sea, I do, ever since I was a child. The sea evokes a lot of positive emotions. The sea is power.by the sea - serene and peaceful

Do you, dear readers, love the sea? What emotions does it evoke in you?

And when you see it, emotions are simply wild and the soul rejoices from merely looking at this infinity, feeling this beautiful smell.

Sometimes, I think the sea is a living organism and a trip to it changes something in people, and necessarily for the better. I love to look at the tide, listen to the sound of the waves and screams of seagulls. And it’s just magical.
I love to swim in the sea, swim to the depths and just enjoy the warm waves and sea air, the gentle sun and gentle breeze.

In the morning you wake up on vacation early, when the sun is not so active, and run or just go to the sea. Usually in these hours, the sea is calm.

Have you ever thought that the sea also has a character? Can the sea be in a mood? I think the sea has its own character, and it can also change the mood, just like a person.

It happens to be gloomy and angry. Changes its color. It’s a bad mood.

And often the sea-turquoise and calm. It’s in a good mood. And it’s ready to joke and enjoy the friendship with you.



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